Exciting! My first Guest Blogger!

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this guest post about how the Survival Guide came about. And I get called the Amazing Clara Wiggins 🙂

Retired? No one told me!

Introducing the amazing Clara Wiggins.

Clara Wiggins

Clara has agreed to be my first guest blogger and I am sure you will love her book. Born the daughter of British Diplomats, Clara has travelled the world all her life and now she is married with two beautiful little ones and a husband who also has overseas postings her story continues and her book aims to help others who find themselves in foreign climes and maybe unsure of their next steps.

Rather than do the often favoured question and answer I am just going to let Clara tell her story, which I am sure you will enjoy.

Writing the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide: a labour of love laced with sweat and tears

A few years ago, living on a stunning tropical island surrounded by gentle sea, dazzling sands and verdant vegetation, I had an idea for a book. Beautiful though the surroundings were…

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