Delicious recipes from around the world: Ansa’s curry from Pakistan

When we were living in Pakistan (for the short time we were there before being evacuated after the Marriott bombing of 2008), we had a wonderful domestic helper called Ansa. She was brilliant with the children (specifically the baby, who she would get to sleep by rubbing her tummy), she cleaned the house beautifully and best of all she was a fantastic cook. Her mother also worked on the British Embassy compound and there was a bit of rivalry between them as to who could make the best curry – but given that people used to “borrow” Ansa to come and make them a curry, I think she was a nose ahead of her mum.

Most of Ansa’s recipes weren’t complicated – although I am sure had we lived there longer, we would have been treated to some more elaborate dishes. But their secret, I think, were fresh spices. We brought some of those fresh spices back to the UK with us when we had to return but of course they don’t last forever,

When we left Islamabad, Ansa presented me with a brown envelope. Inside were four lined pages, with all our favourite recipes of hers lovingly written out in broken English. It was the best gift we could have asked for and we have been cooking them ever since. And as those of you who follow this blog know, I recently made a visit to one of the parts of Johannesburg where you will find shops stuffed with spices – a great excuse, thought I, to cook up one of Ansa’s curries. So I did. And it was delicious.

curry coollage

Ansa’s Chicken Karhi


Chicken brust          1

Chopped tomatoes  2

Green chilli              2

Ginger and garlic paste  2 tablespoon

Onion chopped         1

Yugurt                       Half a cup

Karhi powder             I tablespoon

Red chilli                   1 teaspoon

Tumeric powder         half a teaspoon

Corinder powder        1 teaspoon

Oil                              4 tablespoon

Patatoes                    2 chopped if you want


Heat the oil and add the onion when its brown add the chicken keep stirring when chicken water is dry and add ginger and garlic paste and tomates when all the thing get mixed add the spices in it. Fry it for ten minutes. Then add the yogurt and green chilli and patatoes. Dry the yogurt water when the oil come out add the half cup of water for garvi (gravy) cook. it for five minutes then its ready for eat.

The finished product - with yoghurt added

The finished product – with yoghurt added

To check out another delicious recipe from around the world please read my banana bread from Jamaica post. And do let me know if you have a recipe you would like to share with my readers.


8 thoughts on “Delicious recipes from around the world: Ansa’s curry from Pakistan

  1. You should write a recipe book for your next project! Someone put together a charity cookbook here a few years ago and asked the expats to send in their recipes – the result was a fantastic mix of family favourites from around the world. it’s definitely one of the souvenirs from my time here that I will treasure.

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