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Writer, mother, expat (to be). Repat.

Writer, mother, expat (to be). Repat.

Born in Cuba to British diplomat parents, I started travelling as a baby and haven’t stopped. I’ve lived in eleven countries on five continents, and visited nearly 70. Along the way, I’ve picked up a husband (K) and produced two daughters (E and M). I’ve worked as a journalist, diplomat, writer, press officer, antenatal teacher, customer service advisor, PA, coffee shop waitress, school cook (although that was only for one day). I now work from home, managing a journal (the International Journal of Birth and Parent Education), writing this blog and marketing the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide – as well as looking after the kiddies. We’re currently living in South Africa. I love Hotel Chocolat. I hate anyone who eats my Hotel Chocolat. I am not being paid by Hotel Chocolat to write this.

54 thoughts on “About me

  1. What a small world – I work for the NCT and read your journal! I’m looking forward to getting stuck into your blog and hearing more about South Africa. Your Hotel Chocolat is safe from me 🙂

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  2. Hi Clara, thanks for following my blog. I am hoping on becoming a trailing spouse this year and a diplomat myself in the not so long future, but at the moment we are playing the waiting game… Good luck in S. Africa!

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    • Hi and nice to meet you! Thank you for the follow. I hope you find the site interesting, please keep commenting as the more voices that are heard the more everyone will get out of it. I look forward to reading about your own adventures!


  3. Clara, what an adventure you and your family are about to embark on. We just returned from a five country southern Africa jaunt and were in awe of the natural beauty. Your visit to your new home city while the Jacaranda trees were in bloom was well timed – we just missed it. Highlights for us included seeing Victoria Falls, walking with the lions at Antelope Park, and safaris at both Kruger and Chobe NP. Also Cape Town area was interesting. Your kids might really enjoy seeing the penguins at Boulder’s Beach. And for the adults, a wine tasting tour at Stellenbosch.


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  7. Thanks for the follow! Just finished reading your “Memorable Journeys #5” post. Knowing how cranky, irritable and anxious I get when experiencing any kind of disruption when I fly alone I’m always impressed by those who can keep it together when you add small kids to the mix. Glad to hear you can laugh about it all now!

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  8. Hi Clara! Thanks for following my new blog! I feel like I’m a bit late to the WordPress party, even though I’ve been a trailing spouse and expat for 8 years now (gulp). Tut tut. Really ought to have been a bit more verbose sooner. I’m looking forward to sitting down with some Hotel Chocolat and exploring your blog.

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  10. Hey, thanks for following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading yours and hearing about your new adventures. I love the idea for your book it is a very interesting perspective. I would love to be a guinea pig but don’t think I really fit your criteria (my husband and I both came out here to work and have been in Vietnam for almost 2 years already) but I can’t wait to read about other’s experiences.
    cheers 🙂

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  11. Thanks for following my blog! I won’t eat your Hotel Chocolat as long as you don’t eat mine… I’m also slightly jealous of the number of places you’ve lived and visited. I’m doing my best to add to my list – on 33 countries so far and due to add another 7 this summer! Do you have a favourite?

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    • Funnily enough I must have been passing our local Hotel Chocolat shop at about the exact time as you were typing this message….I actually resisted going in, which is good for me 😉 Favourite – hmmmm, that’s difficult as country’s are good for different reasons – some for living, some for holidaying. I think probably New Zealand overall (but too far away), Venezeula for the variety it has to offer, Thailand as a perfect holiday destination, Belize ditto….but there are so many others I would put on my “must-do” list too – Jordan (for Petra – probably the most stunning place I have ever visited), Jerusalem for history, Italy for Venice and Siena…..

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      • Amazing self-control! I don’t think I could do that – although the only time I pass Hotel Chocolat is when I go back to the UK (about once a year) so I have to stock up! Wow, so many places! Of those, I’ve been to Italy and Thailand, both of which I loved, and the others are on my list…

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    • Hi Namz – I am in Pretoria, and yes so far so good (apart from the weather this weekend just gone which means we didn’t get to do the hot air balloon ride I had booked for my husband’s birthday – grrrrrr). Are you a member ofo the Trailing Spouse Johannesburg FB group?


      • Ah yes, the weather – this was supposed to be the last cold spell before the summer sets in! Sad to hear about the balloon ride. Hopefully you can go soon. It is very nice!
        I am not a part of the FB group you mention. Can you send me a link on [email protected], please?


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  15. I have a son that is British born and educated, but now lives in Brisbane as an Australian citizen with an Australian wife. When I question him about maybe returning to the UK at sometime to live, it always comes back to the weather. I suppose I cannot blame him for preferring clear blue skies and warm temperatures . Keep up the interesting blog. Makes good reading!


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