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“I wish I’d had this book when I first became an Expat Wife”

Brigid Keenan, author of Diplomatic Baggage and Packing Up

From how to organise an overseas move to what to do in the event of an earthquake, the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide is a light-hearted yet in-depth guide for anyone accompanying their partner on an overseas assignment. To find out more about the book, please visit my About the Book Page.

If you would like to buy the guide (prices start at just £2.99/US$4.45) , please click on one of the links below. You can also buy it from other Amazon outlets in Europe and around the world.  If you have any feedback please email me at [email protected]. And finally, I will love you forever if you take the time to leave a review on Amazon.



Some of my Amazon five star reviews:

“Don’t move abroad without packing this book!”

“Covers all the ground and more”

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