Top Live Dealer Online Casinos in South Africa

If you are looking for a good live dealer online casino, South Africa is the greatest place to start. Laws and regulations are in place but do not prevent anyone from having fun. Live dealers are also very professional and fun!

Live Dealer Online Casino in South Africa

South Africa is one of the freest places on Earth when it comes to gambling and sports betting. The best thing is that you don’t even have to travel to South Africa in order to enjoy all the benefits of playing rewarding slots games! All you need is a stable internet connection. In some cases, you will also need a VPN to access websites that may be blocked by your government.

What makes a great online casino

There are several things that you should take into consideration when evaluating an online casino. Here are several features that you should be looking for:

  • A nice casino bonus. If a casino does not offer its clients a hefty welcome bonus, you seriously need to reconsider your choice to play there. Some providers offer up to 300% on your first deposit gifting thousands of dollars in bonuses. The trick is that you cannot redeem these bonuses right away. You have to play them “through” in eligible slot games.

  • Visually appealing website. Aesthetically pleasing site is not only a huge benefit for your gambling experience but also a proof that business owners actually care about their image and invest in design just as much as they invest in backend and security.

  • Live dealers and betting. While playing online slots games is a great way to spend some quality time hunting for a jackpot, the true casino experience is in variety. A live dealer online casino is an authentic experience with great service. Sports betting is also a good way to diversify your enjoyment!

You need to read testimonials and check the list of affiliates of the website as well as verify their license with its provider and regulator.

Top 5 online casinos in South Africa

As mentioned previously, only live dealer online casino is a good way to experience gambling. Any legal casino with a live dealer will offer you a casino bonus, but you will be able to use it only on specific slot games. Live gambling with a dealer is a special type of entertainment considered somewhat luxurious by many players.

  • Springbok. This online casino offers up to R11,500 in bonuses. Sadly, you won’t be able to use US dollars. The website is powered by RTG software.

  • Africasino is powered by multiple software solutions and offers a wide variety of games including multiplayer and live dealer games. You don’t have to risk real money. A special no deposit bonus is a gift to any guest.

  • Silver Sands. Those who do not like South African Rand will be happy to know that there are SA casinos that accept euros and dollars as well as rands. You will receive 200 rands on your account after registering.

  • Thunderbolt is a good choice for those who look for a good online experience with solid time-tested games. The website is powered by RTG software.

  • Punt Casino offers a small no-deposit bonus as a welcome gift. The bonus on first deposit is up to R10,000.

All these casinos work with software providers that ensure that their employees receive adequate training. Most jobs at these companies are long-term positions and allow dealers to master their craft.

My Job as a Live Dealer

I can say definitively that people who work as live dealers are quite professional. I worked as a dealer and the training was intense. We had to work up to 8-10 hours per day, prepare for gaming sessions, and practice technique as well as learning how to be polite and entertaining. Some dealers have their regulars.


We try our best to entertain our players and ensure that they are having a good time whether they win or lose. While your casino bonus is viable only for slots games, you should play live dealer games to gamble.

Play smart and win

Most games with dealers are multiplayer games or games against the house. It means that you can try to not only play with your bankroll but also use tricks and strategies to increase your chances to win. A live dealer online casino is a perfect way to relax after a long day and win a couple of bucks while enjoying yourself!



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    • Thanks – it’s clay! We were at the Eden Project just after Christmas and they still had some of the seasonal activities going on. One of the things you could do was make a little clay snowman and leave him somewhere in the tropical dome. Because we were there so late in the season (I guess by then there had been about a month when people could do this) there were LOADS of them. It was a little freaky – like some sort of cross between voodoo and Apocalypse Now….

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  2. I’ve known about you through Curts’ blog, and I guess yours is very good as well. I’m Spanish living in Barcelona, have you been here? if you haven’t … do come!!!!!
    I’d like to get your entrances.

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    • It really does! Someone warned me about this but I didn’t really believe them. I think what you don’t think about when you start blogging is the interaction. I thought I would just be writing posts and moving on. I wish I had time for more interaction – I always feel guilty about all those blogs that I follow that I don’t get the chance to read and comment on. But there are only so many hours in the day and as you know, marketing a book is a LOT of work!

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      • Understood. I try not to follow blogs that I’m not really going to read. I mean, what’s the point otherwise? I do dip in fairly regularly to some I don’t follow, but that seems marginally more manageable.

        What I didn’t know was that publicizing the book by starting a blog also meant publicizing the blog. Which means finding other social media that need to be publicized. I feel like the old woman who swallowed a fly.

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  3. Hi I’m enjoying your BLOG very much thank you. I’m also a foreigner in SA (living in Bryanston, Sandton) I’m from Sydney and it took me 71/2 years to stop feeling depressed about living here. I find the culture and people very different to my own tribe. I also lived in London for 8 years and loved it. Any hoo I have 3 daughters 3,7 and 9 and we are thinking of moving to the Seychelles for a year. We are thinking of home schooling as our children are in the Steiner Warldorf system and entering main stream as this stage would be too stressful. Our idea is too bring the family together and find more meaningful rhythm – not sure if we are being too idealistic here – but I look forward to any advice you could pass on. Additionally I am having difficulty trying to find long term rentals at a reasonable price as we will unfortunatly be travelling on ZAR. Keep well Jx

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    • Hi Joanne – have you seen the blog by Seychelles Mama?

      She would be a great person to contact about moving to Seychelles, both with practical advice and some feedback about what is really like to live there. My own personal advice is that moving somewhere like the Seychelles is rarely what you think it would be like – I am not saying don’t do it but be realistic about what is is like living on a small island. We lived in St Lucia for just off two years and I found it hard, very hard – a lot, lot harder than SA. However my kids were a lot younger and I am definitely not suited to small island life! It suits some, it doesn’t suit others. But just be realistic about what it can be like to live somewhere that it is very hard to escape from!


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