My first award!

As some of you may know, I am pretty new to this blogging thing. I started writing just a few (short) weeks ago – and am amazed not only at how fast it has sucked me in, but also how much fun it has been. I am a naturally social person but working as I do from home, I don’t always get the chance to interact with people during school hours. I pester my friends on Facebook quite a lot, but some of them have you know, jobs, and lives to attend to… But within the blogging world there’s always someone around – someone’s blog to read and comment on, someone to comment on yours. So time-sucking, fun and social – that’s how I would sum up my first few weeks as a blogger.

And now I have another milestone. I have recieved my first award – for which I have to thank the fabulous tinyexpats!


Now I realise this is hardly the Booker. Or even the Raspberries. There seem to be a few of these awards buzzing around. But it’s a great way to acknowledge blogs and posts that you have enjoyed, learnt from or been inspired by in some way. It’s also a nice way to interact, find previously undiscovered blogs and generally spread the love.

The award does come with a few rules – which are as follows:


And so my own nominees are:

Just Words

Diary of an Expat Somebody

Fickle at Fifty

A Slippery Alligator Dream

Electic Odds n Sods

Seychelles Mama

The English Girl in Canada

Secrets of a Trailing Spouse

Journey of a Squivelist


Life Lessons

Moving Around Mum

Finding Myself Through Writing




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